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Beaker Use
- Nov 16, 2017 -

Beaker up and down because of its caliber, access to liquid is very convenient, is to do the simplest chemical reaction most commonly used reaction vessel. Beaker outer wall scale, it can be estimated within the solution volume. Some beakers on the outer wall there will be a small block is white or burr, in this area can be used to write a pencil to describe the name of the contents. If the beaker does not have this area, then the name of the contents can be written on the label, and then affixed to the beaker wall as a logo. When the reactant needs to be stirred, it is usually stirred with a glass rod. When the solution needs to be moved to another container, the cup can be tilted toward the side with the protruding notch, and the solution can be poured out smoothly. To prevent the solution from flowing down the outside of the cup wall, a glass rod can be used to touch the cup, then the solution attached to the cup can flow down (drain) smoothly along the glass rod.