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Celebration! Biologix Biobank Was Approved By Jinan DRC
- Jan 24, 2018 -

On December 2017, Jinan Development and Reform Commission (Jinan DRC) published the list of engineering laboratories and engineering research centers. Jinan Engineering Laboratory of Biobanking Information Analysis and Management, based on Biologix biobanking R & D platform, was on the list.


Jinan DRC aims to strengthen the innovation and development, advance the engineering technology, and improve enterprises’ competitiveness. Biologix has rich experience in life science and medical device research, and has been focused on the biobanking industry which can service the national strategy of precision medicine and life science. Based on the standard biobanking design, information-based biobanking supplies and software research and development, and biobanking management trainings, Jinan Engineering Laboratory of Biobanking Information Analysis and Management was finally established and approved in 2017.


Since the end of 2017, this standard biobank has been used based on Biologix biobanking R & D platform. It stores samples for third parties, and offers the basis scientific research platform, and supplies technical support and services for scientific research institutions. Now, Biologix biobank has been cooperating with 3 hospitals on research projects. This is a significant break for Bilogix in searching for new business models, and Biologix will extend the cooperation with international hospitals, universities and research institutions in Large Sample and Big Data in future.  


Biologix biobanking R & D platform was approved as Jinan Engineering Laboratory of Biobanking Information Analysis and Management. Biologix will continuously update biobanking technology, biobanking training, and biobanking supplies to optimize CryoKING complete biobanking solutions, and advance the development of biobanking industry.