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Cell Culture Flasks
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Cell culture is the process by which cells are grown under controlled conditions, generally outside of their natural environment. It is a vital part of life science research, and cell culture flasks are an important component to allow for successful growth of cell lines. Cell culture flasks vary depending on the growth conditions of the cell lines of interest.


Innovations in flask design have allowed for more efficient user handling to minimize possible contamination and increase productivity. Some of the advances is the filter cap design, short angled neck design.


Biologix cell culture flasks are manufactured completely according to the TUV ISO 9001:2008 standard. Constructed of high quality medical grade polystyrene, electron beams sterilized. The filter caps are suitable for open culture conditions, effectively preventing cross-contamination while meeting the requirements for gas exchange in cell and tissue culture. The short, wide, angled neck is designed for easy access.