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China Petri Dish Factory
- Jan 28, 2019 -

● BIOLOGIX culture Petri dishes: Made of high-quality medical grade polystyrene 
● Lid design of vented cell culture promotes effective gas exchange 
● External grip for easier handling (07-3035 and 07-3060) 
● Raised edges for convenient stacking 
● Vacuum plasma surface treatment ensures excellent cell adhesion 
● Smooth, transparent materials facilitate observation of cells through a microscope 
● Electron beam sterilized 
● Vented cell culture petri dishes is Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic 
● Biologix culture petri dishes are DNase & RNase free, human DNA free

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BIOLOGIX, one of the largest credible manufacturers and suppliers of various high quality, low price scientific and biomedical supplies, now brings you the quality petri dish sizes from its professional factory. Our products, such as petri dish sizes are made under strict quality control and management system. You can rest assured to buy.