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CryoKING Cares For Your Precious Biospecimens
Biologix Group Limited | Updated: Feb 05, 2018

In the global trend of precision medicine, the quantity of biospcimens to be stored and protected has been increasing rapidly. How to maximize the storage capacity? How to manage billions of biospecimens efficiently? These issues have become urgent for scientific and medical research institutes. 


Biologix has always been at the forefront of complete biobanking solutions. In order to supply safe and efficient biobanking storage solution, Biologix launched CryoKING low temperature storage system, including various low temperature freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks.


CryoKING low temperature freezers are featured with advanced intelligent temperature controller, energy saving refrigeration, safe and secure storage management, including -164℃ Ecryo freezers, -152℃ /-135℃ /-105℃ Cryo freezer, -86℃ ultra low freezers, -80℃ ultra low freezers, -40℃ ultra low freezer, -25℃ medical freezers, 2~8℃ / -10~-25℃ / -10~-40℃ combined refrigerators & freezers, 2-8℃ medical refrigerators, 4±1℃ blood bank refrigerators. Microprocessor-based temperature controller, imported efficient compressor, audible and visual alarms, double locks and passwords, perfect back-up system and user-friendly designs have been recognized by users.


CryoKING liquid nitrogen tanks are automatic, safe and durable. They are available for liquid or vapor phase of nitrogen. They are light, small footprint with large capacity and low nitrogen consumption rate. Advanced designs of hot gas bypass, liquid level monitoring system and uniform temperature enable efficiency and security. The monitoring system utilizes microprocessor and double platinum resistor temperature detectors to display the inner temperatures. The demist button and automatic liquid nitrogen filling system enable CryoKING liquid nitrogen tanks efficient and safe.



Biobanks become more and more significant for life science and medical research. Research-based institutes have begun to construct standard and information-based biobanks in order to optimize the sample utilization. CryoKING offers excellent and complete biobanking services and products, and strives to assist with research institutes with the safe, advanced and efficient biobanking management system. CryoKING ultra low temperature storage system cares for the precious samples for research-based institutes, and assists them to achieve significant progress in life science.


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