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CryoKING News From Asia-CryoKING Is Widely Used In Tianjin People's Hospital
Biologix Group Limited | Updated: Dec 12, 2017

In April 2017, Biologix has signed the sales agreement with Tianjin People's Hospital to supply CryoKING biobanking storage system. CryoKING, a brand by Biologix, offers complete biobanking solutions for research institutes. CryoKING multi coding storage system- CryoKING Combo, one of the key biobanking storage products, combines sample storage cryogenic vials and a cryogenic box. CryoKING Combo is the information-based and patent biobanking products of Biologix, and is used widely in the disease biobbank of Tianjin People's Hospital due to its safety, advance and efficiency.   


The safe and efficient sample storage is crucial for biobanking. Traditional manual labels on vials are edited and printed onsite, therefore, the problems such as label missing, barcode damaging, or blurred writing can cause incalculable losses to scientific researchers. CryoKING pre-set 1D barcodes on the side and 2D barcodes on the bottom can avoid the defects caused by traditional labels, and can be read by scanner. More, CryoKING Combo enables high throughput operation. CryoKING enhanced the utilization of samples, and the efficiency of identification is increased greatly.


CryoKING laser etched Datamatrix 2D barcode on the bottom of the vial can avoid sample information loss or sample contamination which can be caused by label missing. Pre-set 2D barcodes reduce the cost and time of sample storage. 1D barcode and human readable numbers enables safe and rich sample information. CryoKING Combo can be read immediately by laptop scanners, and the information of entire box can be totally input at once. No tedious manual labeling for researchers and the input efficiency is promoted significantly. Therefore, CryoKING 2D cryogenic storage system eases the scientific research for general researchers and helps researchers to achieve outstanding research achievement.

CryoKING Multi-coding labeling technique enables the integration of 1D barcodes and human readable numbers on the side, and 2D barcodes on the bottom; and enables the compatibility with various scanners; the human readable numbers enable the direct identification of samples.


Tianjin People's Hospital is a leading comprehensive hospital integrating health care, scientific researching and teaching, and disease prevention. The Hospital holds several national and provincial key laboratories and a disease biobank for clinical and scientific researching and teaching. CryoKING multi-coding cryogenic vials collect and store clinical disease samples for the Hospital, and reduce the possibility of unreadable storage information. With CryoKING multi-coding vials, the Hospital has strengthened the safety of samples, and improved the sample retrieval and utilization capacity for an emergency.  


The cooperation with Tianjin People's Hospital is the result of the constant improvement of self innovation of Biologix. Biologix has been strengthening the input on the R & D of complete biobanking solutions and biobanking supplies. CryoKING products focus and concentrate on standardization, formalization and digitalization of biobank. Its advantage is based on upstream industry, research and market integration, covering the downstream industry to offer complete and one-stop solution for modern biobank. Its overall technology is on the top level in this industry. Biologix will constantly strengthen the cooperation with research institutes and hospitals, including Tianjin People's Hospital.


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