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CryoKING News From Asia-CryoKING Low Temperature Storage Equipments Assist QAU To Update The Sample Storage System
- Nov 08, 2017 -

Plant Protection is a branch of agricultural science that devises ways and means of controlling diseases, pests, and weeds of crops and trees, as well as a set of measures used in agriculture and forestry to prevent and eliminate the damage done to plants by harmful organisms. The goal of plant protection is not only to destroy harmful organisms or limit their activity but also to forecast the time they appear and the possible extent to which they might spread, as well as to prevent especially harmful organisms from moving from some countries and regions to others. Plant protection is based on the data obtained by several agronomic, zoological, and botanical protection is closely related to such sciences as meteorology and climatology; chemistry and physics, which provide the scientific basis of chemical and biophysical control methods; and hygiene and toxicology, which study the direct and indirect effects of pesticides on plants and animals. Therefore, the safe and efficient sample storage is crucial in the plant research and development.


Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU) is a leading agricultural university in China, and renowned with the key subjects of agriculture and life science. Recent years, QAU has developed herself into a well-balanced comprehensive university, covering sciences, engineering, agriculture, humanities, arts, law, management, economics and etc. The College of Agriculture and Plant Protection holds 5 majors: Agronomy, Plant Protection, Plant Science and Technology, Seed Science and Engineering, and Tobacco. The Plant Protection is the national characteristic specialty, outstanding rural talent education reform specialist of Ministry of education. The college holds two Shandong Key Laboratories to support its plant disease research and teaching. In order to store and protect precious samples, the college uses CryoKING ultra-low temperature freezers in its laboratories.


CryoKING ultra-low temperature freezers are a significant part of CryoKING complete biobanking solutions. The safe and advanced ultra-low temperature storage equipments enable the complete sample storage system and efficient sample management. In order to meet the requirements of biobanking low temperature storage and laboratory preservation, CryoKING offers a complete freezer line, ranging from -164℃ to 8℃. CryoKING low temperature freezers are widely used in fields, such as blood storage, medical research, health and epidemic prevention, biotechnology and agricultural research and development, etc.


-86℃ ultra-low temperature freezers are the most common low temperature storage equipment and CryoKING -86℃ ultra-low temperature freezers are intelligent, energy-saving and safe. The imported famous brand compressor and China Patent technology of mixture refrigerant enable the perfect energy-saving performance; the microprocessor-based temperature controller and touch screen controller enable the intelligent temperature management; the superior audible and visual alarms, keyboard lock and password, delayed-start and stop interval enable the secure sample storage. CryoKING user-friendly designs and other assisting designs enable the best availability and effectiveness. CryoKING -86℃ ultra-low temperature freezers have been protecting precious samples for general researchers.


Efficient Refrigeration

1.    China Patent technology of refrigerant

2.    New generation of ultra low refrigeration technology, fast, low noise and energy consumption

3.    Imported efficient compressor, unique refrigeration circulation and unipolar compressor oil-lubricated technology and EBM fan motor

4.    Two foaming insulation doors, patented insulation designs to prevent cooling losses

5.    Optimal vacuum insulation materials for 6 sides of the freezer, liner is made of SUS304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, long life and convenient washing


Intelligent Temperature Control

1.    Microprocessor-based temperature controller, -10℃~-86℃ adjustable

2.    7inch touch screen controller, keyboard lock and password protected configuration page

3.    Perfect audible and visual alarms

4.    Turn on delay and stop interval to protect freezers work smoothly

5.    Double locking design for secure sample storage


Humanization Designs

1.    High-impact adjustable tray; wheels and fixed feet design for convenient move or location

2.    File folder for quick and convenient record

3.    Front case panels to open easily, and it is easy to wash condenser filter

4.    USB data storage, and can download query records by computer

5.    Optional: Chart recorder, backup batteries, alarm lamp, voltage compensation system, remote alarm system and CO2 backup system


Besides the -86℃ ultra-low temperature freezers, CryoKING also offers other ultra-low temperature freezers, including -110~-152℃ ultra-low temperature freezers, -40℃ ultra-low temperature freezers, -25℃ medical freezers, 4±1℃ blood freezers, 2℃-8℃ medical refrigerators and the CO2 back-up system to address different storage requirements. CryoKING complete biobanking solutions include sample pretreatment tools, cryogenic storage supplies, ultra-low temperature storage equipments, scanning equipments and biobanking management software. ryoKING offers comprehensive biobanking services based on biobank design, product supply, biobanker training and technological support. CryoKING aims to assist research institutes in building the safe, advanced and efficient biobanking management system, and promoting the sustained development in life science.