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CryoKING Protects Cord Blood For The Largest Private Family Cord Blood Bank Of Australia
- Jun 27, 2017 -

Cryosite Pty Ltd, Australia's pioneer in family cord blood banking, stores cord blood from Australia and other countries of the world. The safe, advanced and efficient MSC biobank optimizes the cord blood stem cells and promotes the fast development of Cryosite. CryoKING ultra-low temperature storage products store samples in its MSC biobank. CryoKING storage products are complete and advanced, and become recognized by Cryosite.


Based on various market research and repeated storage tests, Biologix launched CryoKING up-to-date ID-Color cryogenic boxes. The metal-free design avoids rust in the long term storage of cord blood stem cells and reduces contamination. Hinged lid, plastic dividers, and round holes in the divider bottom all prolong the service life of ID-Color cryogenic boxes and avoid disorder display which is caused by paper dividers. CryoKING ID-Color cryogenic boxes protect cord blood long-term storage.


Liquid nitrogen storage is the crucial long term storage way for cord blood. Cryosite uses CryoKING PC cryogenic boxes which are suitable for liquid nitrogen freezing. The 9×9 (81-well) design is compatible with international standard cryogenic vials, The innovative design of box body and lid enable fast cooling, and the alphanumeric label enables quick and easy identification of cryogenic vials.


Cord blood is used widely in stem cell therapy; therefore, the safe long-term storage and optimized utilization of cord blood are demanded by every cord blood bank. CryoKING is concentrated on the integrated biobanking services under the mission” Contribute to Life Science Constantly”. CryoKING has been at the top level of research and development and strengthening the independent innovation capability. In 2015, Precision Medicine strategy was introduced. After many years of development, CryoKING has rich experience of medical and scientific biobanking supplies, and offers complete biobanking solutions based on integrated biobanking design, biobanking supplies and comprehensive training. CryoKING one-stop biobanking services are featured high automation, advanced modularization, perfect informatization and integration of hardware and software. CryoKING offers comprehensive services of biobank design, product supply, biobanker training and technological support for scientific research biobanks including Cryosite cord blood banks. CryoKING helps users to build safe and intelligent biobanks, and contribute to advance the Precision Medicine.