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CryoKING Storage Products Help Shandong Agricultural University Store Core Samples
- Jun 15, 2017 -

As the basis of Precision Medicine, biobanks are becoming popular to scientific research institutions, and the functions are recognized by more and more industries.


Recently, Shandong Agricultural University, owning many national major scientific research laboratories, uses CryoKING information-based storage products to store samples. The convenient and information-based storage products will help it store and optimize sample efficiently.

Biologix offers the complete sample storage system which combines innovation and tradition. Safe, advanced and efficient design concepts improve the informatization of storage products, optimize the storage, and combine with the up-to-date technology. Biologix will help scientific research institutions store and utilize samples safely and efficiently.

As the core products that Shandong Agricultural University uses, CryoKING new ID-Color cryogenic boxes are based on market studies and repeated and strict laboratory tests. Unique designs of the hinged lid and round holes in the divider bottom address problems of rust, deformation or misplace which often happen to other similar products with metal parts and paper loose dividers. The service life of cryogenic boxes is prolonged.


Biologix is concentrated on offering complete biobanking solutions, and has been increasing the input on the research to enhance the capability of independent innovation. Biologix promises to serve life science, and never stops at it. In the year of 2015, Precision Medicine, the basis of biobanks, was launched and became to be the crucial part of to promote the development of technology. Biologix, after many years of research and manufacture, is professional with rich knowledge and experience, therefore, Biologix finished the complete biobanking solution in short time. Biologix focuses on standardization, formalization, and digitalization of biobank, and offers services of integrated biobank design, product supply, and comprehensive training. Biologix devotes to life science, and always offers the all-around services of biobanks!