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CryoKING Storage System Facilitates The Cell Therapy Research Of University Of Malaya
- Jun 17, 2017 -

University of Malaya is a comprehensive university of literary, science and medicine in the world, and it is one of the largest universities in Malaysia. With the rapid development of Precision Medicine, University of Malaya pays close attention to biobanks.


Biologix is the major supplier of biobanking supplies and solutions in the Southeast Asia and has been offering CryoKING biobanking products for important scientific institutions, including University of Malaya.


The sample utilization demands efficient and safe storage. University of Malaya has the full experience of sample storage, and uses CryoKING 2.0ml cryogenic vials, and other cryogenic vials, PP, PC and cardboard cryogenic boxes to optimize samples.


CryoKING 2.0ml cryogenic vials for liquid nitrogen combine general international standards and the patent innovation of “Multi Coding”. Vials have laser etched DATAMATRIX 2D barcodes, pre-set 1D barcodes and digital codes on sides to avoid paper labels missing in conditions of high humidity and low temperature. Multi coding identification of 2D barcode, 1D barcode and digital code on one same vial offers convenient identification and is compatible with various scanners. CryoKING 2.0ml cryogenic vials help scientific researchers to manage samples efficiently.

University of Malaya uses CryoKING premium PP and PC cryogenic boxes according to storage conditions. Both them are available with 5×5 (25-well), 9×9 (81-well) and 10×10 (100-well) to meet various standard cryogenic vials. The innovative design of box body and lid enable fast cooling, and the alphanumeric label enables quick and easy identification of samples.

The cell therapy is important for Precision Medicine, and biobanks are the basis for the rapid development of precious medical methods which include cell therapy.


After many years of development, CryoKING has rich experience of medical and scientific biobanking supplies, and offers complete biobanking solutions.

The production techniques, independent innovation capacity, and services are all enhanced. CryoKING is at the top of the world. The cooperation with University of Malaya will promote the growth of biobanks and Precision Medicine.