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CryoKING Ultra-low Temperature Storage System Protects Precious Samples Of Ocean University Of China
Biologix Group Limited | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

The storage of biological cells and other samples within liquid nitrogen tanks enables valuable protection for these vital research assets. Presently, the Precision Medicine Strategy is implemented on a global scale, thus, the quantity of samples which need to be stored at ultra- low temperature increases significantly in recent years. How to maximize the cryogenic storage of enormous samples? Ti becomes very urgent for general researchers. CryoKING, a brand by Biologix, offers the complete biobanking solutions. The ultra-low temperature storage system is a vital part of the biobanking solutions, and feature full-automation, security and complete products. The ultra-low temperature storage system has been used in many research-based universities and institutes of the world, and maximizes the cryogenic storage of samples.


Recently, Biologix signed the contract with the Ocean University of China to offer the ultra-low liquid nitrogen management system and relevant products. CryoKING ultra-low liquid nitrogen management system will be used in the laboratories of the University, and protects the valuable samples based on the advanced and intelligent control system and the complete biobanking management system.


CryoKING ultra-low liquid nitrogen management system includes the automatic and reliable liquid nitrogen products. Liquid or vapor phase is available. The touch-screen microcomputer-based control system enables the accurate monitor for key date, and the long-distance monitor enables the security of the e data; the advanced vacuum and insulation technology enable the uniform temperature and low evaporation loss rate; automatic fault alarms and excellent performance of hot gas bypass and one-button demist enable the reliable protection and fast retrieve of samples. 


CryoKING biobank liquid nitrogen tanks are equipped with intelligent monitoring and management system which can fill liquid nitrogen automatically by manual or automatic operation of electromagnetic valve. It monitors the real time liquid nitrogen level, temperatures of low and high points, running status and time. It features password protection, more than 10 kinds of audible or visual alarms (liquid nitrogen level alarm, temperature alarm, ultra limit alarm, sensor failure alarm, overtime filling alarm, overtime closing alarm, message remote alarm, power alarms and etc.) to monitor the running status and relays the information to a central computer which conduct the unified monitoring and management of all information system.


Besides the biobank liquid nitrogen tanks, CryoKING also offers laboratory series, portable dewar series, static storage series, special transport series, air transport series, liquid nitrogen transport series, and liquid nitrogen filling series to meet requirements of users the fields of life science and medical research.


Biobanks play significant roles in life science and medical research. Research-based universities and research institutes become to build the standard and information-based biobanks to maximize the utilization of precious samples. CryoKING has integrated th complete biobanking services, and supports users in biobanking design, product supply and training. CryoKING aims to assist institutes in build safe, advanced and efficient biboanking management system. Biologix has been increasing input on CryoKING complete biobaking solutions constantly to manage samples for researchers. With the professional design, advanced technologies, safe and efficient management, CryoKING covers every phase of biobanking and offers complete and one-stop biobanking solutions and services. Biologix will do its best to promote the fast development of life science and the successful implement of Precision Medicine Strategy.  


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