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GOOD NEWS: IAEA Approves Of CryoKING 2D Storage System
- May 27, 2017 -

Good news! The successful supply of CryoKING 2D storage system! CryoKING 2D storage system, important in sample collection and management procedures, is approved of by IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) laboratories, including Division of Human Health and Division of IAEA Environment Laboratories.


The International Atomic Energy Agency is the world's central intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical co-operation in the nuclear field. It works for the safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, contributing to international peace and security and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. A key objective of IAEA is to support Member States’ fight against cancer, cardiovascular diseases and malnutrition and other diseases using nuclear and nuclear-related techniques. In order to improve the information management, IAEA adopts CryoKING 2D storage system for the safe and convenient sample storage, distribution and management to fasten scientific researches.


Biologix CryoKING 2D storage system is a crucial part of Biologix complete biobanking solutions, and the integrated informatization, featured with patented “Multi Coding”, reaches the top level in the word. In order to ensure the safety and purity of CryoKING 2D storage system, strict material selection and quality tests are the first step. Innovative product designs under general international standards keep CryoKING 2D storage system always advanced. CryoKING 2D storage system combines laser etched DATAMATRIX 2D barcodes, pre-set 1D barcodes and digital codes on sides to avoid paper labels missing in conditions of high humidity and low temperature. Multi coding identification of 2D barcode, 1D barcode and digital code on one same vial offers convenient reading, and is compatible with various scanners. 



IAEA approves of CryoKING 2D storage system to manage its own samples efficiently, and to check and store samples from member states fast for future automatic processing. Biologix is one of few high-tech companies supplying complete biobanking solutions with hardware and software. Based on three core services which are integrated biobanking designs, product supply and comprehensive training, Biologix offers one-stop biobanking services of high automation, modular functions, perfect informatization, and deep integration of hardware and software. Now, Biologix is at the top level in the world. The supply relationship with IAEA will deepen the bilateral cooperation of integrated biobanking services, and it is a firm and essential step to promote the fast growth of human health.