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Safe And Convenient 2ml & 5ml Cryogenic Vials
- Feb 05, 2017 -

With the rapid development of biomedical field, scientific and medical institutions need more biological samples of cryopreservation. Therefore, more and more cryogenic vials will be used for cryogenic storage. And the vials should be very safe and convenient for using, so the materials and technical deigns are very important for researchers. 2ml and 5ml cryogenic vials are ideal for research and general lab storage, suitable for liquid nitrogen freezing and extra-low temperature freezers. Generally, they are made of medical grade polypropylene, and the caps are explosion-proof.

Biologix 2ml and 5ml cryogenic vials, working temperatures stable from -196°C to 121°C, are enhanced aseptic techniques, RNase and DNase free, endotoxin free and foreign DNA free. Vials are available with both internal or external screw threads, and the external thread vials’ caps have not o-ring while the internal thread vials’ caps have. The special deigns are convenient for single-handed operation without exposing fingers, minimizing risk of contamination. Vials have the writing area, and bottoms are self-standing. Six colors are available.

The applications of 2ml and 5ml cryogenic vials are becoming more and more important in biologic pharmacy and biological research for cryopreservation. In order to enhance the performance of vials, the relevant manufactures are always committed to improve their research and development power. Therefore, the cryogenic vials will be much safer for operation, more advanced and efficient for cryo-storage.