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Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

  • -40°C Upright Ultra Low−Temperature Freezer

    Contact Now-40°C Upright Ultra Low−Temperature FreezerBiologix offers -40℃ ultra low freezers of upright or chest type. The superior control system includes: Microprocessor-based temperature controller, keyboard lock and password protected configuration page, delayed start, audible and visual alarm for high or low temperature, and system failure....Read More

  • 4°C Blood Bank Refrigerator

    Contact Now4°C Blood Bank Refrigerator4°C High-Performance Blood Bank Refrigerators Biologix offers 4°C blood bank refrigerator. The superior control system includes: Microprocessor controller, large screen LCD display , audible and visual alarm. The operator friendly structure design includes: Upright type, exterior made from...Read More

  • -86°C Ultra Low Freezer Low Temp Freezers

    Contact Now-86°C Ultra Low Freezer Low Temp FreezersBiologix offers complete low temperature storage systems for users and the -86°C ultra low freezers has gained popularity from customers. Used for lowtemperature scientific experiments,preservation of red blood cell, white blood cell, skin, DNA/RNA, bone,bacteria, semen, biomedical products,...Read More

  • 2~8°C Chest Vaccine Refrigerator

    Contact Now2~8°C Chest Vaccine Refrigerator2~8°C Medical Refrigerator Biologix offers 2~8°C medical refrigerator. It is special refrigerating equipment for cold storage of pharmaceuticals as well as biological products. It is suitable for hospitals, drugstore, pharmaceutical factories, sanitation and ant iepidemic stations and clinics....Read More

  • -152°C/-135°C/-105°C Cryo Freezer

    Contact Now-152°C/-135°C/-105°C Cryo Freezer150 Cryo Freezer Cryogenic ULT freezers Cryogenic RefrigeratorRead More

  • -25°C Medical Laboratory Freezers

    Contact Now-25°C Medical Laboratory FreezersBiologix offers -25°C medical freezers of upright or chest type. The superior control system includes: Microprocessor-based temperature controller, delayed start and safe stop interval between restart and being terminated and audible/visual alarm for high or low temperature, system failure....Read More

  • Combined Refrigerator Freezer

    Contact NowCombined Refrigerator FreezerBiologix offers combined refrigerator and freezer. The superior control system includes: microprocessor-based temperature controller allows independent control of temperature, all can be set freely, LCD display, to make clear the temperature information, perfect audible/visual alarm. Operator...Read More

  • -164°C Ecryo Freezer Cryo Freezer

    Contact Now-164°C Ecryo Freezer Cryo FreezerBiologix -164°C Ecryo freezers offers a wide variety of research and storage applications, such as low temperature scientific experiments, preservation of red blood cell, white blood cell, skin,DNA/RNA, bone, bacteria, semen, biomedical products, ocean products, electronic devices, and low-...Read More

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