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AbsorbMax Sealing Films

AbsorbMax sealing films are 203 μm thick black vinyl films with 37 μm acrylic adhesive for use with 96-well, 384-well, and 1536-well black microplates.

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Product Details

● 203 μm thick black vinyl films
● 37 μm acrylic adhesive
● Dimensions: 76.2 by 114.3 mm.
● Recommended temperature range: -40 °C to +80 °C.
● Use with 96-well, 384-well, and 1536-well black microplates

● Black light-absorbing sealing films for use with black microplates
● May be applied to top or bottom of plate
● Protect light-sensitive samples during storage
●Reduce stray light and crosstalk in fluorescence assays

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AbsorbMax Black Sealing Films, Non-Sterile


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