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Lab Equipment Instruments

Biologix dPette

Comprehensive range of liquid handling 
protocols; Three aspiration/dispensing speeds

Biologix Waste Fluid Cllection System

Super efficient waste fluid collection; Safe and orderly operation; Secure waste fluid storage, chemical smell free


Biologix Microbiology Products

Microbiology is the study of microbial morphology, physiology, biochemistry, genetic variation, and more.
It plays an important role in the study of genetic engineering, as well as disease control and prevention.
Our Microbiology Series of products covers all your basic microbiology supply needs.

Cryogenic Consumables

CryoKING Crown Biobanking Management Software V.1 0

The CryoKING Crown Biobanking Management Software integrates everything from sample management and storage to packaging and transport into one comprehensive management program. It is the tool of choice for streamlined scientific research and biobanking management.

CryoKING-Intelligent Identification

CryoKING-Pre-Set or custom Datamatrix 2D barcodes 

CryoKING-One-inch revolution

CryoKING-Complete Solution for BioBanking

CryoKING Complete Biobanking Solutions

With the professional design, advanced techniques, safe and efficient management, CryoKING covers every phase of biobanking and offers complete and one-stop service for biobanking products.

CryoKING -Box 10x10

10×10(100- well)---23% more samples can be stored compared with 9×9(81 -well) cryogenic box 

CryoKING Cryogenic boxes

Complete cryogenic box line to meet biobanking needs;
Various materials: cardboard, PP or PC;
1in, 2in, 3in and 3.75in are available to store different vials;
25-well, 81-well, and 100-well;
Separated lid or hinged lid

CryoKING Cryogenic Vials with Multi Codes

CryoKING cryogenic vials with multi codes advance your sample storage and management

Biologix Video

Biologix, manufacturer of laboratoty products, is committed to the design and manufacture of high quality, reasonably-priced scientific and biomedical supplies.

CryoKING Automated Product Series of SBS Standard

Laser etched 2D barcodes, resistant to DMSO and other organic solvents; SBS format rack fits 96-well format cryogenic vials perfectly for automatic operations 

CryoKING Tube Handling System

CryoKING Tube Handling System of reliable, flexible and affordable robotic pick and place systems automates critical sample management tasks such as organizing, reformatting and accurately tracking samples. It is fully compatible with LIMS systems and with multiple labware formats.

CryoKING Scanner-3.0-CKS-1301

CryoKING Third-Generation Scanner is a high-speed cameral-based barcode scanner designed for biobanks and ultra-low temperature (-20°C) cryobox scanning. It captures the barcodes and provides 2D data output in a variety of options for your database.

Biobanking management software V1 0

Manage your biobanking information efficiently!

PCR Consumables

About Biologix

Biologix has been continuously offering not only the traditional regular lab consumables in the field of molecular biology, histology,

microbiology etc, but also the very popular Biobank products which is truly the current prevailing trends in the near future.

Biologix PCR series

The Biologix PCR Series includes a variety of PCR tubes and plates suitable for standard PCR experiments.

Sample Storage Preservation and Handling

Biologix Laboratory Supplies Liquid Handling Series

The General Laboratory Supplies section includes many consumables commonly used in basic laboratory and medical procedures. From centrifuge tubes and test tubes to disposable gloves and microscope slides, many of these general laboratory supplies may have applications in multiple life science fields.

Cell Culture Consumables

Biologix Laboratory Supplies Cell Culture Series

The Biologix Cell Culture Series offers a range of safe and reliable basic supplies for cell transfer, filtering, and other applications.

Biologix Cell Culture Slides

Cell culture involves sampling cells from an organism, placing these cells in an in vitro environment, and observing the growth, reproduction, aging or other processes of the cells. Cell culture has become an important practice in life science research, and plays a central role in the development of the biotechnology industry.